Heather & Megan's Wedding Planning Bio


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About Megan:

I was born in Michigan. I have spent most of my life in Columbia, MD. I attended the University of Virginia and returned to Maryland. I currently work at Home Depot where I am now an assistant manager and am striving to become a store manager.

About Heather:

I grew up on Maryland's eastern shore. I spent most of my life between Tilghman Island and Easton, until graduating from Easton High School in 2003 and relocating to Glen Burnie, on Maryland's weastern shore. I currently work for MedStar and attend Howard Community College in persuit of my Registered Nursing Degree.

How we Met:

We met thru mutual friends in Columbia, MD at an outing at the Columbia Ale House, five years ago. Megan was very quiet and reserved, but we could not keep our eyes off each other. From that moment on we were connected...  


Our engagement:

Short version-
It was this past New Year's Eve and I decided to take Meg on a suprise date to the Melting Pot in Columbia, MD. Of course she guessed where we were going on the way. But I managed to keep one suprise from her... after our amazing dinner I got up from the table and got down on one knee, you know the rest. Now here we are engaged!

Extended version-
Megan and I got engaged this past New Years Eve. I made dinner reservations at the Melting Pot in Columbia, MD and  let them know that I would be proposing. I wanted to keep where we were going a surprise so I just told Meg to get dressed to the nines and we were going to go out to dinner. On the way there she kept trying to guess where we were going. She was driving me crazy trying to guess the place. I kept giving her little clues, I would say its somewhere you have not been before. Then, she would name a bunch of places. I would say its somewhere where we have always wanted to go. She still could not guess. When we got to Columbia that narrowed down the options. I told her it will be the most fun dinner ever. Right when we were about to turn on the road to the Melting Pot she guessed. We were both very excited to have dinner there, since we had heard great things from friends. We walked inside and it was the perfect setting! The lights were dim and the tables were lit by candle light. There were New Years party favors on the table, hat, camera, noise maker, tiara, and a mini take home fondue kit. We were all giggles and smiles. We started the first course and I ordered a rum and coke to drink. I was very nervous. I think I may have been shaking. Meg just kept asking me if I was OK. I just told her that I was so excited to be spending another New Year with her and that this place was so neat. We talked about this and that. The wait staff kept coming over checking on us. Meg commented that this is the best service we have ever had. We have a habit of critiquing restaurants, food, and service when we go out. We had been on a trend of bad service prior to going to the Melting Pot. I ordered another rum and coke. I took the ring out of my purse and put it on the seat next to me. I played with it for a minute and put it back. The wait staff came over to check on us again. The next course came. I ordered another rum and coke and went to the bathroom. I was trying to calm my nerves and get the courage to ask. I did not know when the best time would be. Every time I wanted to ask someone was coming to the table to bring food, drinks, or to see how we were doing. When I came out of the bathroom I stopped at the bar to tell the waiter to give me some time before dessert. The owner was at the bar and all of the wait staff knew what was going on. I went back to the table and sat down. Meg asked me again if I was OK. I just assured her that I was fine and that I was having a great time. I took out the ring again and played with the box under the table. This seemed like the longest meal of my life! Finally, the waiter came and removed our dishes from dinner. We sat there a bit talking and I was conjuring the nerves getting ready to ask the big question. I got up from the table hiding the box and stood there hovering for a moment (I had just had knee surgery a month prior, and I was trying to figure out what knee I should get down on, the good one or the bad one, which will be better to pull myself up on) again, Meg asked if I was OK. I did not even answer. I just stood there talking, I got down on one knee and asked if she would marry me. She said YES! and I started crying. I got myself up sat next to her, gave her a big kiss and said, "You said Yes right?". I was so nervous I wanted to be sure she said yes. I could not even remember until later what was coming out of my mouth when I was standing there. She had to tell me that I said, I love you so much and you mean the world to me. I would like nothing more but to spend the rest of my years with you. We were both so happy and conveniently there was a camera on the table so we just started shaping pictures. A bit later the owner stopped by our table to see how we were doing and congratulate us. Afterwards there were continuous people stopping by the table to congratulate us. Later Megan said now I know why you needed a drink. LOL



When we got out to the car she started calling everyone to tell them that I proposed and we were engaged. I think hearing the support and well wishes from everyone made our night that much more special.


She said that she had no idea and that she would have never thought I would be the one to pop the question, but she is glad that I did it! It was a perfect evening for the both of us!


Meg and I have been together for almost 5 years now and I cannot wait to see what is yet to come. This is our engagement story, its just the beginning...